Our Non-Food division has recently started working with this leading Consumer Goods supplier.


Area Sales Manager (2 territories)


Amefa are a leading kitchenware Consumer Goods supplier.

The group offers a wide range of cutlery and kitchen products, including brands such as Couzon, Richardson Sheffield, Medard de Noblat and Lou Laguiole.

The client was a former candidate who was impressed by our services and recommended us in his new role.  The business had seen a lot of positive change and development in their employer brand, so we were able to advocate for the client in this area. We are always keen to meet our contacts face to face, and here we took detailed brief from the Sales Director in person. We advertised the role, searched our network and utilised our previous experience in the sector.

One candidate came from a recommendation, and the other was a previous referral – so in both instances the power of our network was key here. One role was filled in a 4 week brief to hire process, and the other slightly longer incorporating the Christmas period at 12 weeks. We are still working with Amefa on other roles in their business.

Executive Selection
Seemed very invested in my career. Very supportive and responsive.
Knew exactly the type of person we were looking for.

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