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We starting working with Hovis on their Employer Brand when we partnered with them as their RPO partner in 2018. They have an amazing consumer brand and we wanted to make sure their Employer Brand performed just as well - attracting, engaging with and retaining talent. We have worked hand in hand with their TA, HR and Marketing teams to ensure their Employer Brand is consistent and engaging across multiple platforms including LinkedIn, Indeed and Glassdoor. 


Hovis Ltd has a phenomenal Consumer brand; over 100 years of baking heritage and a long-held place in the nation’s heart for high-quality, tasty bread. With this in mind, the main challenge for the Talent Acquisition team was how to leverage the strength of the Consumer brand to amplify the Employer brand. We took several steps to make this happen;

Working with the Hovis Account Manager at LinkedIn, we created an online home for the Hovis Employer brand. We set up additional information pages for our core focus areas; Engineering, Logistics and Apprenticeships, and ensured we directed online traffic to these to give potential candidates a better idea of how it feels to work for Hovis

We made connections and gathered stories from across the Hovis business, interviewing and photographing several key figures from all areas of Hovis including many of the Senior Leadership and Executive Team, Logistics, Marketing, HR, Apprentices and Engineering

This data and photography was used to pull together ‘pen portraits’ from all areas, published weekly to the Hovis LinkedIn page, to provide insight into working life at Hovis

We also started to collect stories of Hovis’ CSR initiatives, including charity fundraising events by teams as well as individuals, all published to the LinkedIn feed alongside the portraits

For specific areas such as Apprenticeships, we have established contacts with the government-backed information hubs such as AmazingApprenticeships.com to ensure Hovis has a presence and shouts about its excellent Apprenticeship courses to the appropriate audience

Hovis delivered a brand new corporate website in spring 2019 and we were pleased to supply copy for the ‘People’ section, based on the extensive interviews we had conducted across the business

We have worked with Hovis on several video projects to bring certain areas of recruitment to life. Two stand-out campaigns that delivered amazing results were our Driver Recruitment Videos and our Engineering Recruitment videos – each campaign worked with stakeholders in the business to highlight first-hand what it’s like working at Hovis. These videos were then shared on LinkedIn, via internal comms and also shared to potential candidates.


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I believe the main reason for success is the team being integrated with and part of Hovis, together with the knowledge they already had of Hovis and the time they have committed to understand the business even further.
"Our partnership with Seven has enabled us to really strengthen the links between Talent Acquisition and Learning and Development, with the benefit of a real improvement in our Onboarding journey and the way we plan and maintain our long term People plan. Hovis aims to provide a seamless journey from Candidate stage to Onboarding and without the strong ties we have put in place, this wouldn’t be possible. With Seven we take a view of the bigger picture of our People development plan and together we work on ‘talent-proofing’ our business to help ensure long-term success. The Talent Acquisition team have a strong presence within the HR senior leadership team and the partnership has not only saved time and costs for hiring managers, but allowed them to focus more effectively on the Learning and Development of our people."