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20 things I love about recruitment: Gabby Rosenberg

3rd March 2022

This month’s Consultant focus is from Gabby Rosenberg. Gabby is one of our Directors and heads up Seven’s Retail team. She’s been at Seven for all twenty of our years in business so we figured she must like it at least a little bit! Gabby gives us her top 20 favourite things about working in recruitment at Seven below. 


  1. Recruitment is the best of both worlds, I am working inside the retail and consumer World as a supplier rather than for a retailer and can take a broader view.
  2. I love that ‘detective’ feeling searching for that elusive talent in many places. 
  3. Retail is an obsession of mine; I took degree in Retail Marketing and joined the graduate scheme at M&S after University so I love being involved in the sector every day.
  4. We get to change people’s lives. Cheesy but true! We spend most of our lives at work so playing a key role in individuals’ careers and where they work is really satisfying.
  5. Often when I speak to candidates it starts off about the financials, but it rarely ever really is the full picture for making a career move. I love getting to know candidates and their motivations. 
  6. I learn about so many interesting things happening in Consumer Goods & Retail; NPD, new brands, new products, new innovative ways of working.
  7. I love the life cycle of recruitment where candidates become clients and it self-perpetuates.
  8. At Seven, we created a brand and a way of working that is genuinely honest; we get feedback often that we don’t operate like other recruiters, we have worked hard over the last 20 years to ensure this is key to our DNA. 
  9. I love working with a fantastic bunch of like-minded people, who are still able to be their individual selves at work. 
  10. I get constant opportunities to ‘Put your head where it hurts’ as we call it; the cold calling (it is absolutely still part of the job), navigating tricky characters and representing the client and the candidate in challenging situations – I still experience and learn from new experiences every day.
  11. I love that I can be true to my word and advise using my 20 years’ experience, for example I always say to candidates if you don’t ask you don’t get or alternatively you may not get but at least you know where you stand.
  12. Building long standing relationships for 20yrs and seeing people grow and develop. Many of our clients have been with us for 10+ years and I am privy to their life milestones; all the marriages, divorces, babies!
  13. The variety – recruitment is really simple – it is about finding candidates for jobs and jobs for candidates, however the individuals that we are lucky to work are all different – with different circumstances, motivations, career histories etc so no two days are ever the same.
  14. There is humanity in every day – you never know what people are going through but you often find out – we are dealing with real people with real feelings and emotions.
  15. Our brand has stood the test of time – 20 years is very rare in recruitment and I’m proud of this.
  16. I am proud to represent my clients in the talent I work with some inspiring and fascinating brands.
  17. Flexibility – I have my family and my work/life balance and I manage to make it all work. It is a juggle but not a struggle.
  18. The challenge – it’s not an easy job and it challenges me every day. 
  19. New things all the time, g. LinkedIn Live was a new one for me and presented some challenges but I enjoyed it – look out for my next series soon!
  20. My business partners Liam and Stew! Couldn’t do it without them. 

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