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Gen Z viewpoint: Re-imagining the world of work

24th June 2022

Re-imagining the world of work from the perspective of a Gen Z

So far, our 20th anniversary celebrations have featured thoughts and wise words from our most experienced clients and candidates. This week we’ve turned the tables to focus on a member of our team at the other end of the career spectrum. Holly Cherry joined Seven in September 2021 on her placement year from the University of Leeds. Where she is taking a Journalism degree. She’s become an invaluable part of the team and is undoubtedly best placed to give her opinion on the future of work from her generation’s perspective, which she kindly does for us in this article. Thanks Holly! 

What is Gen Z?

Generation Z. Those born between 1997 and 2012. The ones that will tell you skinny jeans are out and crocs are back in, judge you for liking U2, and end sentences with LOL. Chances are, if you don’t understand that, then you might struggle to understand them in the working world. Right now, Millennials make up most of the workforce, however soon it will be the turn of the Gen Zers. These ‘phone-obsessed’ teens are gearing up to enter the workplace and a word of warning, we are the empowered youth, who come with inclusive views and expectations.


I think of Gen Z as a limbo between teen and grown up, a lot of the time we’re still seen as children but expected to behave as adults; we are operating in a sort of grey area so it’s no wonder you find us confusing. You don’t have to always understand us, but you may have to trust us because climate change, minority rights, poverty, equal pay, a pandemic, the biggest challenges have been left for Generation Z. Just maybe we’re the generation to take them on. Yes, we know the internet isn’t all good but Gen Zers’ extensive use of the digital channels – *collective parent eye roll* – makes us powerful.

Technology is ruling the world, I imagine it like buzzing wires travelling and intertwining to connect us, and at the heart, the Gen Zers. The most tech-savvy generation, we can turn anything into a trend (how did the mullet ever come back into fashion?!).

What changes have/can been made?

We are the voices online and broadcast our opinion far and wide. I would characterise us by defiance, which isn’t always welcomed by some, but I see it as a good thing. These ‘rebellious teens’ are the ones to challenge injustice, to share new ideas and movements, to take part, not just listen. Considering what we are up against, the skills of our generation are going to be needed for work, personal lives, alongside that little matter of survival. So maybe a little rebellion is what’s needed!


The word ‘change’ is a word I would use to define us. It’s something we advocate for more than any other generation. We don’t roll with the punches, as digital natives, we have the tools to ignite the world as social media becomes a far more serious device for change. To be able to transfer thought to action has sparked global movements. Such as Fridays for the Future, the youth-led global climate strikes in 2018, and rose to prominence the Black Lives Matter protests in 2020 with people uniting around the globe. Our virtual connections to global communities are what’s needed to provide grassroots support for action. With Gen Zers among the most vocal, flooding social media and rallying people to call for change.

How does Gen Z affect the workplace?

So how does this translate into the workplace? We truly care. And we value employers who truly care too. A real driver for us is no longer just salary but flexibility and a workplace that aligns with our values. We talk about mental health for ourselves and others, and no we don’t have more ‘issues’ and we’re not fragile, we’re just sick of taboos and understand that genuine support is a lasting fix. So, beware the ‘woke’ as we can spot the fake wellbeing initiatives and feel empowered enough to speak out when we do. This power will see a future where the ‘good’ employers grow and the bad ones are going dowwwnnn!


Soon we will be in charge and writing the policies that give us all a chance to show our worth. More Gen Z identify as LGBTQIA+ than any other generation and here we should thank the Gen Xers and Boomers who were at the front lines of the LGBTQ liberation movement during the mid-to-late 20th Century. Diversity enriches a workplace and allows businesses to connect with ALL of their customers. There is nothing ‘risky’ about being socially aware; it just means you care. About everybody. Since when has being included offended anyone? Gen Zers are hoping to turn workplace benefits into workplace norms.

Hybrid working?

We’ve just found out that we can potentially work from anywhere, or do the job in 4 days not 5. Businesses should be doing everything they can to attract potential employees, so that might mean listening to us. A new structure for work perhaps? What if you get through your to-do list by 1pm; why sit around gloomily clock-watching when there is work-life balance to be had? The new frontier for competition is quality of life, and that reduced-hour, output-focused working is the vehicle to give businesses a competitive edge. And everyone likes the idea of a 3-day weekend!

What’s my opinion on Gen Z?

I think we might be the generation to get the balance right between life and work. We have a natural fluidity to our ways of working. We grew up in a hybrid setting, and I don’t just mean the pandemic, but the sense that we’ve always had technology and operated in a digital space. To get the best out of us, the workplace may need to be reimagined. This is something we can work together on.

We promise we do appreciate the other generations, although I may not have made it obvious. We all have our different strengths; and each positive step towards progression has been pathed by those before us. I see it as us slowly evolving. These issues of the workplace and society have always been here, and in my very own theory of evolution, we have adapted to take them on. We are the most diverse generation yet. We will hopefully be the ones to begin the reshape of the workplace and maybe even the world (because we believe we can do anything) into a new future. LOL.

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