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7 big moves at Seven: Bethan Phillips

10th February 2022

Bethan Phillips is Talent Acquisition Manager for Hovis Ltd, Seven’s RPO partners. 

Anniversaries always bring time for reflection.

“It is now February and all of the January “New Year, New Me” reflective posts have been and gone. So what shall we talk about now?!

This year, Seven Search and Selection is celebrating their 20th anniversary! The theme of the celebrations is quite reflective which is prompting me to look back on my own journey through the years here.

Nearly 3 years into my post-uni career, I am probably one of the least self-reflective people I know. I like to think I am self-aware but I much prefer to live in the moment and take things at face value. Where I am in my life is where I am and I don’t often care to look back at what got me here.


I have actually loved looking back on what I have really accomplished and the journey that has gotten me to where I am with Seven.

So I thought it would be fun and fitting to pull together the 7 biggest things that have impacted me over the last few years:


  1. Moving city! I finished Uni and moved to the big scary city of Leeds all on my lonesome (though I did force my best friend to move with me and my partner already lived here so maybe this isn’t that much of a novelty).
  2. I started a job! Honestly, it sounds ridiculous but fresh out of uni in 2019, even getting a job was a big accomplishment and I started with a great business so I am really proud of this.
  3. I survived Lucas’s training and onboarding! Everyone at Seven is involved in training, but I can’t thank Lucas enough for being such a great touch point for me and manager for my first experience of the working world.
  4. I moved to Hovis! Well not quite, but I did join our successful RPO and started with a team who has done an incredible job teaching me how to work as an internal function in an external RPO. Shout out to Lee and Chloe for being great teachers and letting me find my groove and way of working with you all.
  5. I got braver! I took on recruitment projects including leading our first remote apprentice recruitment process for Engineers and helped find 8 amazing Apprentices.
  6. I paid it forward! I’ve started mentoring other new consultants in the business and have loved helping others on their journey.
  7. I haven’t given up! We all know the name recruitment gets and sometimes it can be well deserved and being in the trenches I can see what a frustrating job this can be sometimes. But on the other hand, I have been able to experience the joy, achievements also and I actually love what I do.”

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