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Seven years at Seven! My Recruitment Journey.

30th November 2023

Wow, it just dawned on me that I’ve been at Seven for 7 years! It’s got me reflecting on my journey and time here and thought it could be useful for someone interested in a career in Talent Acquisition or Recruitment for me to jot down some of my thoughts and experiences.

Why did I end up at Seven?

I was approached by a recruiter that knew me well. She knew that cultural fit was important to me, and that Seven would be a good match. When I met the team, I got a really good feel for Seven. It was a gut feel that it would be a good move for me to make. Professionally it made sense too! It would allow me to broaden out into the wider UK market (my then current role was Yorkshire market specific) and also break into the FMCG & Retail space, something that really interested me.

Throughout the interview process I was put at ease, the directors were like-minded, and I just knew Seven aligned with my values and were the kind of Recruitment business I wanted to work with. Fast forward 7 years and clearly it was the right decision to make! I’ve had a number of opportunities and have progressed and raised my profile within the business throughout my time here making it the best decision I could have ever made! And I am not just saying that because I reckon my boss could be reading this, honest!

I get asked a lot what kind of company Seven is.

My first impressions of the business were that they are friendly, caring, want the best for their employees, approachable, reputable and want to do the right thing. This was evident through me meeting and building relationships with not only the directors, but employees of Seven. Not to mention the very established and reputable clients they worked with! I’d previously interviewed for other businesses which were much more corporate, and I just knew weren’t the right fit for me – I was laughed out of an interview once(!) which very nearly made me not want to explore recruitment as a career prospect.

Hovis has been a HUGE part of my journey here.

I started working with them a little over 6 years ago (at the start of the RPO partnership). When I think about the early days versus now, it’s been amazing to be a part of such an evolving entity. Someone once said bakery is addictive and I honestly can’t disagree, 6 years has flown by! No two days are the same no matter what function you work within

There are some fantastic people in the business at Hovis, and I genuinely do think it is the people that make it such an iconic brand. It’s been amazing to play a part in building teams there and knowing that you are contributing towards getting a staple household product onto the kitchen table of millions across the UK. Although Hovis are known as an iconic British brand, the way the business operates is more like an SME so the level of exposure I get and the variety in my role is incredible. It’s not just about the day to day, we are constantly looking at making things more efficient, making Hovis a great place to work and future proofing the business (in my case from a talent point of view).

What are some of the things I have learnt over the last 7 years?

Where do I even begin?! On a personal level I think I’ve grown so much in the time I’ve been here. If I were to sit with my younger self now, I’d want to tell her a few things …

  • Confidence is key! You can’t be an expert at everything, and experience is knowledge. I wish I’d have had more confidence personally and professionally when I was younger.
  • Who you surround yourself with in the early days is important. Surround yourself with leaders who have similar values to you, invest time in you and you want to learn from.
  • Not everything goes to plan in recruitment, you are dealing with people after all! But it is all about how you deal with it. It’s ok be disappointed when things go wrong but you must be resilient and get back up to go again!
  • It’s ok to make mistakes. The mistakes are where you learn the most!
  • It’s important to get work-life balance. I was guilty of burning the candle at both ends when I was younger, but it is important to strike a balance – life is too short!
  • Listening is the most valuable skill you can have. Listening is where we learn. Even when I think I know pretty much all I can know about an area of my role, a different perspective on something can make me think about how I can approach something completely differently.

One of my biggest learning curves has been how to be a successful and supportive manager, it’s a constantly evolving journey.

I don’t think I’ll ever be the finished managerial article and I’m completely ok with that. It can be tough. Sometimes when you have one of those “Monday morning” moments when you just want to rewind the weekend or when everything is going wrong or you have a back-to-back diary, you must still make sure you hold space for your team. That can be tough if you feel like you don’t have the energy yourself that day.

I’ve got a fantastic team around me which makes thing a little easier. They are eager to crack on but also very receptive to feedback and want to continue improving just like I do! I think it is also important that they feel they can come to me when they need something too, it’s a 2-way street. One of the most valuable things I’ve learnt recently is to delegate. My team get to learn, and it keeps things exciting for them whilst also giving me the time I need to do what I need to do – win win!! Knowing that I have contributed towards their growth, and I can see them developing month on month makes it all worthwhile.

I’ve been thinking of some of my top tips for those wanting to get into Recruitment or Talent Acquisition… here goes.

  • The best thing you can do is prove you can deliver, demonstrate that you can get the best out of people and that you are resilient. TA is all about delivery, working with people and being resilient when things don’t go your way. Even if you haven’t worked in the industry before, proving these 3 elements within previous roles or life experiences will be a big tick to any hiring manager.
  • Quality in everything you do is key, you must be always super on the ball to make sure the business and candidates are getting the best service delivery.
  • There are spinning plates all the time so you must be very organised or work out a way in which you can be organised – I live by my diary and my to do lists!!
  • Energy and passion for what you do is a must. We work with people all day every day whether that be hiring managers, HR, or candidates. So, if you don’t have a passion for people then it isn’t the career for you!

My career is a constantly evolving journey. Hard work at times, and not without its challenges. One thing I like to keep reminding myself is that it all works out in the end… if it doesn’t then it isn’t the end!


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