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Where are all the candidates?! Top tips for Hiring Managers

22nd October 2021

Last Thursday Gabby Rosenberg took to LinkedIn live once again where she answered questions from her network on the recruitment process from the view of hiring managers. We all know about the need for a seamless candidate experience and its relevance to employer branding, but how can HR and recruitment teams in-house make quick and impactful improvements to their process? Here are some of Gabby’s top tips!



A seamless recruitment process should continuously be the goal but this is difficult when the process itself is unpredictable. It is crucial however to keep the momentum going in any way we can. Virtual interviews have really enabled a much speedier process to take place and this should be maximised. Where a candidate wishes to further gauge your working culture, provide an opportunity for them to ‘meet’ – virtually or in person – members of the team they would be working with daily. Don’t let much time lapse between first and second stages, and try to avoid holidays drawing the process to a hard stop. We are seeing candidates with multiple job offers in this market so it’s important to keep the momentum going.



Plenty of candidates have had time to consider their priorities over the last 18 months and flexible working is a pandemic trend that is here to stay. Often the first candidate questions I receive are about the flexible working policy of a client. When it comes to flexible working there are three pools of candidates; those wanting office-based work for the social aspect, those preferring to work from home and those looking for a bit of both. A shortlist of candidates will probably contain all three profiles, so employers must have a robust (and flexible!) flexible working policy in order to compete in the marketplace.



In the last six months, the market has been completely tipped on its head. This time last year we had candidates feeling grateful for one opportunity, feeling like they had very few options as much of their world ground to a halt. Now we have candidates engaged in multiple interview processes and receiving multiple offers. From a recruiter’s perspective, we must be an integral part of the client’s business if we are to represent our clients successfully. Our clients need us to advocate for them stronger than ever and successful processes rely on client and recruiter interaction. I say to all hiring managers – recruiters need your time and input at the beginning of the process if they are to be representative of your brand; the most fruitful relationships exist where a recruiter works in partnership with their client and can talk confidently about what it is like to work for their business. The more information given to the recruitment partner, the better they can engage and build commitment with candidates in a marketplace where the candidate holds most of the cards.


Where are all the candidates?

Candidate scarcity is a challenge everywhere for recruiters and employers. With so many jobs and so few active candidates, it can be difficult for a recruiter to deliver many options. We train our consultants to be transparent about the state of the market, but they must also be ready for compromise. As the vacancies continue to grow and people assess their options, businesses are realising the challenges of recruiting and are putting more effort into retaining their employees. In this ‘war for talent’ as they call it, it’s the brands that have incorporated these tips into their candidate journey and attraction strategies that I’m noticing have the greatest success with their recruitment.


Gabby is back on LinkedIn Live on Thursday 28th October.

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