We have worked with Brakes since 2002; they are one of our longest standing clients.


Sales Directors; Public Sector & Restaurants, Pubs & Hotels


Brakes are one of the many clients who have been with Seven since our earliest days. Like us, they take an insight-driven approach to the way they do business.

Our partnership is an excellent example of our multi-functional recruitment capabilities within Food & Drink, as we’ve filled roles from Buying to Marketing, Operations to Insights. We conducted a headhunting campaign for both of these roles, finding the right person for the Public Sector role from a referral on our database.

For this Hospitality role, the candidate had been in process with us for another role which wasn’t the right fit, so we knew he was perfect for this and the whole process was complete in 10 days.

Executive Search
Food & Drink

Seven is by far the most approachable, most organised recruiter I have dealt with. They get to know candidates really well and clearly buy-in to what clients need.